Fitness Classes

Currently restrictions only allow for outdoor fitness classes. Click here for more information >>
We currently offer a wide range of fitness classes each week. Classes range from beginner to advanced level. Classes include Tabata, MetCon, Spinning, Body Blast, Spin & Tone and many more. All classes are fully inclusive and accessible for people of all abilities. Our fitness class timetable will vary throughout the year based on customer interests and demand.

Upcoming Fitness Class Courses

For booking enquiries please call 066 7144200. Pre-booking is essential and bookings can be made at the KSA reception desk by card payment.

Fitness Classes November

Class Description

  • Tabata training is a type of HIIT (high-intensity interval training). It consists of a four-minute workout repeated a number of times. Each workout consisted of eight sets of 20 seconds of exercise at maximum effort each followed by a 10-second rest
  • MetCon workouts are another form of HIIT training. MetCon workouts typically incorporate weighted exercises for greater anaerobic and strength. The exercise is repeated for a set period of time 20/30/40 seconds with a short rest period before moving to the next exercise
  • SPIN is a fun and effective group cardio conditioning activity using a specialized stationary bicycle. Spinning strengthens the heart, improves lung function and increases metabolism
  • BODY BLAST is a combo of both cardio & conditioning – two methods of exercise in one workout! The class combines using your own bodyweight and cardio, simple movement patterns and exercises for the entire body without adding weight, focusing on getting lean and increasing the strength
  • SPIN & TONE – half spin, half body blast. A great combination!!
  • CIRCUITS – moving from one station to the next for 30 seconds each time circuits combine aerobic, strength & weight training to give you a full body work out
  • ZUMBA – A fun dance workout to put your stamina to the test!!!
  • YOGA/MEDITATION – time to wind down and de-stress during this class which combines moves to increase your flexibility and exercises to relax your mind
  • STUDENT SWIM – Exclusive use of our hydrotherapy pool
Classes are 45 minutes in duration. Booking on the app is essential and places are limited and subject to availability.

Tel: 066 7144200