Gym Membership Terms and Conditions

To obtain gym membership, an official membership form must be completed and returned to reception.

All members are required to complete the screening form. 

Members are asked not to use equipment until shown the proper procedure by a qualified member of staff. 

Gym members should be aware that additional rules and regulations may come into effect at the discretion of the management at any time to facilitate a more efficient running of the gym. 

Members are requested to use their own towel while using facilities. 

Members must wear correct attire and footwear at all times. 

Any member wishing to discontinue their membership should notify management. Members should be aware that memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

In the interest of safety, members may be refused access to the gym to avoid overcrowding at peak times.

Members should not attend the gym under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substances which may affect their mental and physical state.  

Smoking, vaping and animals are prohibited in all areas of the gym with the exception of assistance dogs. 

All members should adhere to the rules and regulations of the gym. 

Members should be aware they are using the facility at their own risk. 

Members should not use lockers for longer than the duration of their gym session.  Lockers should not be used for overnight storage.  Lockers will be emptied at COB every evening and items will be removed to lost property. 

Members should comply with any reasonable request from staff in relation to health and safety matters. 

Members are prohibited from taking photos or videos in the gym at any time. Any member found in breach of this rule may have their membership terminated. 

If gym closes due to covid related restrictions, no refunds will be given.  Memberships will be extended in lieu of closure. 

Members must be aware that memberships cannot be frozen or deferred except in the case where a medical certificate is produced. 

Members must wipe down all equipment after use. 

Members should use the Mindbody app to check in for all sessions. They should also check in with the gym instructor on duty at the desk. 

Members must endeavour to vacate the building at official closing time. 

Members are responsible for their personal belongings while visiting the gym. 

Members must contact the reception desk with any change in email address or phone number. 

No food is permitted in the gym at any time. Protein drinks should not be mixed in the gym area.